Longarm needles Groz-Beckert


Groz-Beckert MR needles are designed for sewing when changing direction, when the thread is pushed out of the needle's ear in different directions. Changes in the twist of the thread can lead to unstable stitch formation. Standard needles are pushed to their limits, causing problems in the sewing process such as needle breakage, sloppy seams (skipped stitches, thread breakage) and fabric damage. The MR Groz-Beckert needle addresses these challenges, guaranteeing the highest reliability.

Special functions

  • The special geometry of the shank and throat guarantees the needle's high resistance to bending (deflection resistance) and excellent stability.
  • The very deep and long throat allows the looper hook to be positioned very close to the needle, ensuring optimal thread protection.
  • The special, asymmetrical shape of the thread travel surface inside the needle eye ensures stable formation of meshes (also when changing the direction of the seam) and prevents errors in the formation of meshes and thread twisting.
  • A special thread guide reduces the risk of thread unwinding.


Throat cross-section comparison                         Comparison of the shaft cross-section

standard needle (left) and MR needle (right)         igły standardowej (lewo) i igły MR (prawo)


R-type needle tip


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